Our Airport

The Siófok-Kiliti Airport is Hungary’s most dynamically developing airport..

When arriving by plane you can see the breathtakingly scenic landscape of Lake Balaton. The airport is located only 5 kilometres from the lively and beautiful city centre of Siófok. Siófok has got a 15-kilometre-long shore full of lakeside beaches, where several hundred thousands tourists visit each year. This modern, good-looking city is popular amongst Hungarian and foreign tourists alike because of its high quality services and events. Our airport displays the same values as Siófok itself: quality and good atmosphere, and our primary aim is to provide the conditions for leisure flying and quality pastime. All our services are managed and owned by the same people who ensure the continuous good quality and development.

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We have a continuously flatted and maintained grass runway with appointed taxiways.

We can provide lighting facilities for nightime VFR flights.

You can buy reasonably priced fuel for any air or land vehicle at our airport.

You are welcome to our Aviator Restaurant (Open since April 2013) restaurant where you can have hot and cold meals.

We can provide accommodation for 80 persons in finely furnished houses.

Eleven hangars were built in 2010 with a total area of 2000 m2 for the purpose of storing the aircrafts.

We provide facilities for skydiving all year round: Mi-8T type troop transport helicopter (max 29 skydivers), C-206H type aircraft and the parachutists’ village specifically designed for this purpose with diverse services.

We offer air sightseeing tours on many different routes.

We organize competitions, events several times a year for fans of flying and skydiving.
We have further plans, but as for now, we keep them secret.