Flight Planning in Hungarian Airspace

HA-DIB parking in front of the tower buildingIf you are planning to fly domestic (inside Hungary) and you fly only in G airspace, you are not obliged to file a flight plan.

However, if you want to help the work of flight information officers at FIC, you are kindly requested to do so.

Also, without an active flight plan, no search and rescue service will be provided, even if you are in emergency, and your insurance company can also say in a non-expected case, that as a pilot, you did not do everything possible for your own safety.

For international (crossing the border), NVFR (all VFR flights between sunset andsunrise), or IFR flight, filing a flight plan is mandatory.

Filing a flight plan is very simple, and fast procedure, you can do it by a telephone call.

  • Domestic flight planning office: +361 296 9143
  • For international or IFR flights: +361 296 6844

On both number you can reach an officer, who is very nice, and will help you with question to complete your flight plan.

You can also use our telephone, or you can use the internet (homebriefing, etc.) in the tower building.

In the Hungarian Airspace, AFIL is not available for general aviation.

If you’ve got any question, do not hesitate to ask our staff.