Flight Planning in Hungarian Airspace

HA-DIB parking in front of the tower buildingIf you are planning to fly domestic (inside Hungary) and you fly only in G airspace, you are not obliged to file a flight plan.

However, if you want to help the work of flight information officers at FIC, you are kindly requested to do so.

Also, without an active flight plan, no search and rescue service will be provided, even if you are in emergency, and your insurance company can also say in a non-expected case, that as a pilot, you did not do everything possible for your own safety.

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Airport Charges

Leszállás/landing Repülőgép /Fixed wing Helikopter /Rotating wing
 0 –  800 kg 8,00 € 11,00 €
801 – 1500 kg 11,00 € 14,00 €
1501 – 2000 kg 13,00 € 16,00 €
2001 – 3000 kg 15,00 € 18,00 €
>3001 kg PPR
Touch and go 30 % landing
Parkolás (3 óra ingyenes) 0,6 /ton /hour
Parkolás 3,0 € /ton /day
Additional cost for hangar (Parking + ) 10,0 € /ton /day
RWY and APR light 1,0 € /min
Stand by after SS 10,0 €/hour
Departing passenger returning in 2 hours 37,0 €/pax
Accomodation (with airconditioning)
Room for 2 with shower and TV 48 € /room /night
Bungalow for 4 with shower and TV 96 € /room /night
Drop Zone (for 2) 28 € /room /night
Shuttle bus (max 8 pers) 0,8 € /km

Az árak az ÁFA-t tartalmazzák. Prices include VAT.


Airport Data

ICAO kód / ICAO code


Repülőtér koordináták / Position

N46°51.6'  E018°05.6'

Tengerszint feletti magasság / Elevation

419’/128 m

Frekvencia / frequency

125,435 Mhz ; KILITI

Légtér osztály / Airspace class



117.7 Mhz
CH 124 X
348 Khz

N46° 49.6
E018° 07.0
Hours of operation H24

Forgalmi előtér felülete és teherbírása / Apron surface and strength

20t AUW

Repülőtér kategória / Aerodrome category

Non public airport

Megjegyzés / Remarks


Prior permission required
Day and night VFR flight allowed
The use of aerodrome beyond duty hours must be reported to AFIS until 1200 (LT) the previous day

Arriving Acft have to be contact Kiliti on 125,435 MHz by instructions of Budapest INFO or 11 km whitin tha AD.

Acft operation not equipped with radio is only PNR

Figyelmeztetés / Warning


Glider and hang-gliding activity possible at east side of the aerodrome. Parachute activity possible vicinity of aerodrome up to FL145

TRA11B, TRA11CNorth of the AD

Forgalmi kör / Traffic pattern


33 RH – LH, 15 RH – LH 1500’ AMSL, glider pattern 33 RH, 15 LH

Átváltási magasság / Transition altitude

9000’ AMSL

Repülőtér üzemideje / Operating hours

0800 – SS (LT)

Üzemanyag / Fuel

AVGAS 100LL, Jet A1, Diesel EN 590, Mogas 95 RON

Olajfajták / Lubricant

TOTAL AERO D80, D100, DM15W-50

Karbantartás / Maintenance


Időjárás info / Weather info


Illeték / Fee

According to current chart

Tárolás / Storage

Open air, hangar

Vám és Határőrség / Customs

Not needed from and to inside Schengen area 

Üzemeltető / Operator


Siófok-Kiliti Repülőtér Kft.
H-8611 Siófok, Szekszárdi út
Siófok-Kiliti Repülőtér Kft.
OPS: +36 70 579-6650
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Étterem / Restaurant


Szálláslehetőség / Accommodation


Taxi & Transzfer / Taxi & Transfer


Tömegközlekedés / Public transport